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OS X Lion Clean Install with Bootable CD

This quick guide will show you the steps needed to create a bootable OSX Lion CD and then will describe how to do a clean install of the OSX Operating System. Make a bootable CD of Lion First you will need to obtain a copy of the Lion installer application. Locate the Lion installer application […]

ISC-DHCP Programming Notes

Here are some programming notes that I have collected working with ISC-DHCP at my job that may come in handy. If you put this code in the dhcpd.conf file (Located at /etc/dhcpd.conf in RedHat/CentOS or /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf in Ubuntu) if known { log (info, concat (“HOSTNAME: “, host-decl-name, ” on “,binary-to-ascii (10, 8, “.”, leased-address),” at […]