This quick guide will show you the steps needed to create a bootable OSX Lion CD and then will describe how to do a clean install of the OSX Operating System.

Make a bootable CD of Lion

  1. First you will need to obtain a copy of the Lion installer application.
  2. Locate the Lion installer application with Finder.
  3. Right (Secondar) click on the application and goto Show Package Contents.
  4. Look for a  folder called SharedSupport.  Inside the folder you will see InstallESD.dmg, copy this file to a different location.
  5. Launch the Disk Utility application.
  6. Click the Burn icon then select the InstallESD.dmg you copied earlier and then insert a blank DVD.
  7. Once finished you will have a bootable OS X Lion CD!


 Clean Install with Lion

  1. Insert your CD and restart your computer while holding down option button.
  2. Double click on the CD Icon and wait a few minutes while the CD loads.
  3. Open up the disk utility from the menu option.
  4. Select your primary partition (Macintosh HD is default) and click erase.  (Obviously this will erase all your data on this partition…)
  5. Once the partition has been erased, select the option to Reinstall OS X Lion on the same partition.
  6. After the installation, you will have a clean installation of OS X Lion!