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Automated Linux Network Backup Solution

Introduction I needed a backup solution that would back up multiple servers to a single location. In order to accomplish this task I created a small Linux machine running CentOS with a cron job that will remotely connect to these machines using SSH and run the backups. Once the backup job is complete it will […]

Login to Linux machine using SSH without a password

Introduction I decided to setup a small Linux box that would login to my Linux boxes to backup with rsync (will post how I did that later). In order to do this with a script I had to setup SSH to log me in without a password otherwise my script would prompt me for the […]

How to: Setup SSH terminal access on Cisco IOS

This tutorial will show you how to enable SSH terminal access on your Cisco IOS device. The first few commands may already be set on your router, if this is the case you may skip them. Set a hostname on your router using the hostname command: ‘hostname Edge’ Set a domain name on your router […]