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Installation of Street View on Google Maps unsucessful

Usually this happens when the trying to update Street View, Voice Search, etc. and the signatures do not match.  Either there was a hacked version of this installed or something happened.  I found a fix for this, this requires the Android SDK (adb atleast).  If you have this run the following commands:

adb root
adb remount
adb shell
rm /system/app/Street.apk
adb uninstall

Then reinstall Street View from the Market Place.

I have tried this method with VoiceSearch as well by doing:

rm /system/app/VoiceSearch.apk
adb uninstall

This works with Google Search as well:

rm /system/app/GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk
adb uninstall

If you get a Failure on trying to uninstall these apps, you will need to delete the APK first.

As always please backup your system first, I take no responsibility if this does not work.

ISC-DHCP Programming Notes

Here are some programming notes that I have collected working with ISC-DHCP at my job that may come in handy.

If you put this code in the dhcpd.conf file (Located at /etc/dhcpd.conf in RedHat/CentOS or /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf in Ubuntu)

if known {
log (info, concat ("HOSTNAME: ", host-decl-name, " on ",binary-to-ascii (10, 8, ".", leased-address)," at ", binary-to-ascii (16, 8, ":", substring (hardware, 1, 6))));

Will result in a message simular to the following in your DHCP Log file:

HOSTNAME: TestPC001 on 208.x.x.75 at d0:50:56:ac:74:71
DHCPDISCOVER from d0:50:56:ac:74:71 via eth0
DHCPOFFER on 208.x.x.75 to d0:50:56:ac:74:71 via eth0
DHCPREQUEST for 208.x.x.75 ( from d0:50:56:ac:74:71 via eth0
DHCPACK on 208.x.x.75 to d0:50:56:ac:74:71 via eth0

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